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SVN Med LLC is a medical device company pioneering a unique cancer therapy to revolutionize cancer care. We aim to give doctors and patients a unique and revolutionary new treatment option for solid tumors that can help slow the spread of metastatic cancer. 

Today there are only four ways to treat cancer: surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy. These four modalities make up humanity’s entire arsenal in the war against cancer. All four methods have severe risks and side effects. They are acceptable only because they are also patients’ only hope. These four ways are not enough.

Hearing the word tumor is enough to strike fear into the heart of any patient. Outside the brain, however, one tumor is rarely fatal. Cancer’s greatest dangers come when it spreads, a process called metastasis. Ninety percent of cancer fatalities are a product of metastasis. The most important way cancer metastasizes is via cells, called Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs), that break off from the primary tumor and enter the bloodstream. Some CTCs float in the bloodstream until they lodge elsewhere in the body and form new tumors. Without CTCs, metastasis cannot happen, and blocking metastasis would be a huge leap forward for cancer medicine. 

Metastatic cancer is extraordinarily difficult to treat, because each tumor must be removed even as it pumps more CTCs into the body. Current drugs targeting metastatic cancer are expensive, have extensive side effects, and often don’t significantly increase survival. CTCs are very hard to target by conventional treatment modalities because they are simply floating in the bloodstream, not actively dividing. 

SVN Med is developing an entirely new fifth modality for cancer treatment, one that is potentially applicable to almost all solid tumors except brain cancer. CTCs are physically different from every other type of cell in the bloodstream – they are larger and more rigid. We target CTCs directly based on this physical difference from healthy cells in the bloodstream. This is a unique approach not taken by any other form of cancer treatment. SVN Med has developed a filter that removes CTCs from the blood while allowing healthy cells to pass through unharmed. By removing CTCs, we anticipate slowing metastasis without the risks and side effects of surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. Lower levels of CTCs in the bloodstream have been shown to predict longer life expectancy for cancer patients. Furthermore, our technology allows the capture of thousands of times more CTCs than any other technology, and by analyzing these captured CTCs we anticipate being able to generate a wide array of new insights into the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.