SVN Med is therapeutically disrupting metastatic cancer


Our Technology

SVN Med is pioneering a unique new approach to cancer therapy. Our investigational stage medical device can filter cancer cells, known as Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs), from blood. By filtering CTCs from the bloodstream, we hope to both slow the process of cancer metastasis and develop revolutionary insights on how cancer spreads throughout the body.

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Circulating Tumor Cell Science (CTCs)


90% of all cancer mortality occurs when cancer spreads to distant tissues in the body through a process called metastasis.


Although metastasis is a highly complex process, in its essence it is very simple. The original tumor releases Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) which move through the body until they take root in a new tissue, forming a new tumor (a “met”).

CTCs & Prognosis

Even though advanced cancer patients can have many CTCs in their bloodstream, these cells  are still rare compared to other blood cells, making them difficult to isolate. Clinical studies have shown the more CTCs detected, the worse a patient’s prognosis.


Therapeutic Oncopheresis


All solid tumor cancers are known to produce CTCs. Without the spread of these cancer cells, distant metastasis cannot happen. The number of CTCs in a patient's bloodstream and their prognosis have been strongly correlated across a range of different types of cancer. Numerous clinical studies have shown a higher number of CTCs is associated with worse clinical outcomes. There are currently no approved therapies to directly remove CTCs. Studies have shown, however, when CTCs are removed in animal experiments, a statistically significant improvement in clinical outcomes has been observed.

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SVN Med Filter & Console

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The SVN Med oncopheresis console was developed to use our single-use, disposable filter to remove CTCs from a patient's bloodstream. Our groundbreaking filter and investigational console were designed in collaboration with partners who have extensive experience in the renal dialysis and apheresis industries. Our filter is the result of years of research and hundreds of experiments to selectively remove CTCs from blood. SVN Med is committed to bringing our technology to market once we have achieved regulatory approval.


About SVN Med


More than 39% of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives, and a cancer diagnosis affects more than just the patient – it can profoundly alter the world of everyone who knows and loves them. Many members of SVN Med’s founding team have lost loved ones to cancer. The company is named in their honor.


Our Team

Our founding team is composed of experts and entrepreneurs. Learn more about our team below.



Chairman & Founder

Sumit Rai believes that the only efforts worth pursuing and supporting are those with tremendous social impact that drive the betterment of humanity.  He is a founder of and serves as Chairman of SVN Med.  Sumit believes firmly in both its mission is to inhibit the progression of metastatic cancer of solid tumors by removing circulating tumor cells from the bloodstream and its purpose to save the nearly 100 million people that suffer from this brutal malady across the world every year.

Sumit is passionate about curing cancer because he lost his baby sister to cancer and serves as President of Cure Sonia, a 501(c)(3) that battles cancer through funding research programs and providing financial patient assistance to underprivileged families undergoing treatment at leading centers like Stanford, USC, MD Anderson, Johns Hopkins, and the City of Hope, and running bone marrow drives that directly registered over 10,000 donors across the country.

Sumit has over twenty years of venture capital and private equity experience at firms including Riverside Partners, Crosslink Capital, and American Industrial Acquisition Corporation. During that time, he has acquired and invested in dozens of companies. A select few include: LSTAT (Life Support for Trauma and Transport, an ICU built into a smart stretcher) which was acquired from Northrop Grumman (NYSE: NOC), to save lives on the battlefield during the golden hour (the first 60 minutes from point of injury); Magma Design Automation, an electronic design automation software tool for deep sub-micron semiconductor development that went public and was subsequently acquired by Synopsys (NASD: SNPS); and National Display Systems, a leader in flat panel surgical displays subsequently acquired by Novanta (NASD: NOVT).

Sumit previously was the CEO and founder of Mobclix, the leading real time bidded (RTB) mobile advertising exchange that eventually grew to over 15 Billion monthly mobile ad impressions, 180,000 publisher partners, and a $50 Million revenue run rate in under two years catalyzing the acquisition by Velti and subsequently Telefonica (NYSE: TEF).  He holds a Bachelor of Science and Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley, where he graduated early as a Regent Scholar.



CEO & Founder

Kim de Mora is the CEO and Founder of SVN Med. He was the Director of Development and head of Judging at the International Genetically Engineered Machines Foundation and worked in Business Development at Addgene. Kim was also a Founder and CTO of Lumin Sensors. He completed his PhD in Synthetic Biology and his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Management, at the University of Edinburgh. He has a number of peer-reviewed publications in biological engineering and was chosen as a Synbio LEAP Fellow in 2015.




Vivek Murthy is a Founder of SVN Med. He was appointed as the 19th Surgeon General of the United States in the Obama Administration, Co-Chair of the COVID-19 Task Force for President Biden, and is the Surgeon General Nominee for the Biden Administration. He was Chairman and Co-Founder of TrialNetworks and Chairman and Co-Founder of Epernicus. He was also the President and Co-Founder of Doctor’s for America, Co-Founder and President of Visions Worldwide, Inc., and a Founding Member of the Swasthya Community Health Partnership. He was an Attending Physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Vivek did his MD and MBA at Yale University and his BA in Biochemical Sciences at Harvard.




Gautam Mukunda is a Founder of SVN Med. He is a Research Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School and was previously an Assistant Professor at Harvard Business School and Distinguished Visiting Professor at Schwarzman College. He is the author of Indispensable: When Leaders Really Matter (Harvard Business Review Press) and the upcoming Picking Presidents (University of California Press). He is an internationally recognized expert on leadership and innovation whose work has been profiled in the New York Times, New Yorker, Economist, and Atlantic Monthly. He did his PhD in Political Science at MIT and his BA in Government at Harvard and was a consultant with McKinsey & Company, where he focused on the pharmaceutical sector. He has published peer-reviewed articles on biotechnology and innovation and served as a senior advisor to the Chief of Naval Operations.


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Advisor & Founder

Denny Cahan is an experienced, serial entrepreneur and ardent angel investor who has spent his career architecting and building technology companies and leveraging his strategic planning skills and financial acumen to launch successful ventures.  As CEO of his current start-up,  he reached $2.2MM in sales in 3 years with a 75% margin.  He had been involved in several healthcare technology start-ups, including Co-Founder of Surgical Information Systems, LLC, a Co-Founder of Care Logistics, a Jackson Healthcare subsidiary, and was interim CIO for Jackson Healthcare.  In addition, Denny was the CEO of Dexter’s Farm, a Senior Partner in Dane Investment Group, and the Interim CEO of Viatar CTC Solutions, Inc. He studied Computer Science at Drexel University.


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